Adventures with Cookies

What better way to start a blog than to talk about food.  I love food, usually too much for my own good.  While I am not a good cook I do like to bake, so today I decided to try baking vegan oatmeal raisin cookies, specifically those from the Engine 2 diet. Engine 2 is basically a vegan diet paired with eating whole foods.  I do not follow it currently but I am trying to incorporate more recipes and principles for it into my life. You can find information about Engine 2 here:

The recipe can be found here:  This recipe used to be available on the Engine 2 website, but it is no longer available on their website.

Following the recipe was not difficult unless, of course, you do not have all of the ingredients.  This time I did not have baking soda, one of those oh-so-important ingredients that is necessary in order for it to come out right.

After a quick mid-baking trip to the supermarket I finished up the cookies and plopped them onto a parchment-lined baking sheet.  The recipe says that it makes about 2 dozen, but with my Pampered Chef cookie scoop I made 39 cookies.

My first impression after sampling one while they were cooling (too impatient to wait) was that they were sort of bland and that the you can taste the baking soda.  After some advice from a friend that that taste may dissipate after they sit for a bit we decided not to judge them based on first impressions. After a while longer they still retained that taste. They were also generally bland.

This is not to say that the recipe was a dud.  It may have been the ingredients that I used or the way I prepared it.  The applesauce, oats and some of the spices were Kroger brand.  Maybe I got what I paid for.

But I can imagine that if you were following the Engine 2 diet and were eating all sorts of healthy food these would be tasty.  I have not been following that lifestyle of late (this weekend I ate meatloaf) so I am not much of a judge. I wonder what experiences other people have had with these.

I am, however, counting Weight Watchers points.  The points plus value if they had made 24 cookies they would have been 3, but with my 39 cookie portions they ended up being 2 points plus per cookie.

Other Engine 2 recipes that I have tried have been tasty so I am not going to give up.  Once we eat these cookies (and we will consume them.  I do not waste cookies) I may try them again in the future with better ingredients.


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One Response to “Adventures with Cookies”

  1. Kristen R. Says:

    My husband suggests that next time I use my stand mixer because he suspects that I did not mix them well enough. This may very well be true…

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