Music to art by

We are just beyond the halfway point for NaNoWriMo and listening to music is a large part of my writing experience.  This is especially true when writing in public places where I need to drown out the noise. Music can also reinforce the emotions that I am writing into my story.

If I had the time, energy and a decent computer I would come up with playlists like some authors do. Alas, I do not, so I use Pandora or whatever I have on my computer to do the job.

I listen to sound tracks to movies, usually Lord of the Rings, as these do not typically have lyrics and put me in “the zone.”   I also enjoy newer Radiohead and have done so since I was writing papers in college. My husband enjoys listening to Celtic music while he writes.

I LOVE to sing along to music and I find that it can be quite distracting to myself and those around me, so I try to avoid this during writing.  I end up focusing on the lyrics and not the page (and create quite a racket).

What do other writers listen to?  What about those who do other kinds of art?


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3 Responses to “Music to art by”

  1. eyegawker Says:

    I’ve recently been studying the works of Kandinsky and its interesting you mention music and emotion because it was believed music was the highest form of art. It could represent the emotion of the musician without any representational forms and thats what Kandinsky strived to do in his work.

  2. Kristen R. Says:

    I will have to look into his work.

    Music has this fantastic ability to alter my emotions. I can be brought to tears listening to one piece while another will get me pumped up! So fascinating.

    I can see why music could be considered the highest form of art.

  3. eyegawker Says:

    If you have the time you should check out this TedTalk, it’s a really interesting piece about music.

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